Seawolves Make Regionals!

This team has come a long, long way from the bunch of guys who came together for their first practice just six weeks ago. The group has worked extremely hard to win the division and qualify for the Regional Tournament. While they ultimately fell short of winning the division title, losing out to an undefeated Army side, the team was invited to Regionals! The guys are in good form and really beginning to play cohesively making them a serious contender for this year’s tournament.

This coming weekend the team will travel to Downingtown, PA to compete against the top 24 teams in Region One! The tournament will be played out over two days with the two finalists automatically qualifying for Nationals. Stony Brook has been seeded 15th in the region and drawn into a group with 3rd ranked UPENN, 10th placed Cornell Mundial and 22nd ranked Delaware. Despite the tough challenges ahead, the team remains confident in their ability to move past the group stage of the tournament. The bracket style final stage of the tournament will prove to be a grueling task for any team. After the group stage, each remaining team will have played three games over the past day and a half. It will be a true test of endurance and will power.

Not only will the Men’s team be traveling to Downingtown, but the Women’s side qualified as well! They enter the tournament ranked 12th in a group with TCNJ, Pitt, Georgetown, UMASS and American. Both squads are eagerly awaiting the moment they can step out onto the field and play the first game. Stony Brook is looking for nothing less than victory here and we could use all the support we can get. Our website and Facebook/Twitter pages will be updated as the tournament progresses so make sure to cheer us all on! With a bit of good fortune we will be bringing some hardware back home!




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